Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ah Weekends

I love it when I'm busying myself on the weekend and I finally look at the clock and it's barely noon.  A wonderful feeling.

So I put my long hiatus from theatre to and end this morning with an audition.  I'm doubtful I'll get the part, but if was so much fun to at least be around theatre friends again!  And the audition was actually really fun!  Nerve-wracking, of course.  But fun.

I come back home and had a serious overhaul of adrenaline so I did some yard work and busy work in the house.  Sweeping and dusting and whatnot.  Taking a break now to type this post and hang out with a sleepy kitty on the couch...

While sipping on some hot water with lemon in my favorite mug.

I have a little more time at home, so I'm debating on getting some hooky time in, or taking a much desired nap.  

Or I could take my favorite mug and sit in the nice quiet deck in the raked back yard

Or enjoy some sun on my wonderful front porch swing and watch the world go by.

Decisions, decisions.  :)  Well I'm going to go do one of these because I need to leave in an hour to meet theonlyboyfriend.  We're going to shop for some paint today to paint my craft room and maybe some furniture!!  Yay!

I hope everyone is well.  Much love and happy weekend!!

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  1. Great photos - and I still think your house is just great!!