Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We're moved in!  We're even almost completely unpacked and settled.  We have one more room to do tonight and we're in.  It was a long and exhausting couple of days, but we did it!  I have to wait for the gas company at my old apartment to read the meter one last time, and they gave me a 4 hour window.  Like they do.  But I figure that will be a good time to get some serious cleaning done.  So I'll be cleaning up the old place today.  It's funny, no matter how neat or clean you are, when you move out of a place it's downright nasty.  Bleh!!  All the hair and fur under furniture that hasn't moved in 3 years.  Now I'm the type that will move the couch once a month or so to vacuum under it.  But the solid oak china hutch isn't going anywhere.

So anyway, I have a few photos I can share since I'm super excited about the new place.  :)  Today, my very own craft room!  SQUEE!!

Ok it's not 100% done yet, but here it is.

Here's one corner, with the window seat and my cat's chair.  If you look closely at it, you'll see why it's my cat's chair.  * sigh*  Well if I leave her this chair to destroy she leaves everything else alone.  Also, that white shelf thing will be moved to beside my armoire.  It's just about and inch too tall so we're going to chop off the top shelf with the jig saw later.


Aforementioned armoire, the shelves will go to the right there where the trash can is.  To the left is A WALK-IN CLOSET!!!  Yup.  Never thought I'd have one of those.  :)

And my work table.  (excuse the boxes)  The previous owner painted this garden scene mural on the wall.  I feel a little bad but I'm painting over it soon.  I'm repainting the entire room in a bright (but not annoying bright) teal/turquoise color.  I can't wait!!

So there you have it.  My spanky new craft room!!  I'll highlight other rooms in future posts.  Hopefully I'm not being annoying with these.