Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday WIPs

I have a sad confession to make.  I've only picked up a hook once in the last week.  I know.  I KNOW!!!  BAD HOOKER!!  But in my defense, I've been preoccupied with the house.

We're about 80% moved in.  We plan to get the rest this coming weekend.  Then I just need to clean up the old apartment.

It's interesting, this past weekend when we started moving, it felt weird.  Like I was moving my belongings into someone else's house.  I think it's because we went in the house several times while the previous owners were still living there.  It's slowly feeling more and more real.  I'm sure when I get my first mortgage bill it will feel real, Hah!!

Last night though I walked in and it felt more like home.  I am so so thrilled!!

Eva Shrug: 50%
Tunisian Scarf: 85%
Moving: 80%


  1. Wauw, that's your new place? It looks lovely! Congrats on the move (or the 80% move, anyway)! I felt the same way when we were moving into our apartment because I had never lived anywhere other than at home with my parents. The feeling was made even worse when we got the keys and went to check the house afterwards, because the previous owners had left two couches behind in the living room. (The movers hadn't picked those up yet, so they were gone the next day, but still.) Plus, they apparently forgot to forward half their mail to their new address so we kept getting their mail mixed in with ours.

    1. The new house is quite literally 5 blocks from where we live right now. It's made moving SOOOO easy! We're just south of downtown, so it's a perfect location!