Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sorry, no Wednesday WIPs post.  Again, I've barely picked up my hooks.  I'm going through withdrawal.  I do have some projects I REALLY need to get started on.

Anyway the house is coming along wonderfully.  We've hung the artwork and are putting the final touches on things.  We just need to get the office/library finished and the spare bedroom in the basement, and we're done!  Hopefully Sunday we'll have it all done.  I promise to post more photos when it's all set up.  Right now there is still junk laying around.  We need to have it perfect for next week anyway because we're having our housewarming party next Saturday!  Yay!

Sorry not much more to post right now.  I'm heading out for our big annual family camping trip.  I'm hoping to have some gorgeous photos to share from that too.  :)

Have a GREAT weekend!  Much love and happy creating!

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