Friday, October 5, 2012

Favorite Friday Five!

Friday.  Payday.  Who could ask for more?  Well a nap would be nice.  Maybe world peace.  But we'll make due with what we got!

Ok so on to today's' Friday Five!

Friday Favorites*

1) Where is your favorite tree?
In tree heaven.  On my parents' property stood 4 massive oak trees, all grouped together to really look like one huge tree.  One day many yeas ago after a sizable storm, they found the smallest one had fallen over, and a couple of the others had some big stripes down  the sides where lightening struck.  They hired and arborist to come take a look at them, who estimated these beauties to be about 350 ears old.  Sadly when hurricane Ike blew through in 2008 two of the remaining three fell.  It was a truly sad day.  The one remianing looks very lonely and sad.  None of the 4 developed fully on their own so it's lopsided and sparse on the sides of it where the oher trees stood.

2) Where is your favorite chair?
I wish I knew.  I am searching for a totally awesome sittin' chair and have yet to find one.  I do have one at home that is crazy comfy but ugly as all sin.  It was in the reading room, but it's put away for the move.  It will likely reside in my craft room at the new place.

3)  Who has your favorite hair? 
Well I am definitely partial to theonlyboyfriend's hair.  Long, thick and curly.  But, and I hope he doesn't kill me over this, I think even he would agree our friend David has the best hair we know of.  He has this delightful mop of curly red hair sitting on his noggin that flops around when he runs or jumps, and makes you just want to play with and tussle around.  

4) What is your favorite mug (or other drinking vessel) like?
My neon green Cedar Point cup.  Easy.  It's neon green, has a handle and is so friggin sturdy it's lasted for YEARS.  I think I've had it since high school.  The logos have since worn off, but the mug itself is still standing!

5) Where is your favorite parking spot (not at home)? 
Um....what?  I don't know that I have one.  I mean my parking space in the garage by my work is nice and all, but nothing to write home about.  And honestly I prefer riding my bike to driving when I can.  Sorry, i don't really have an answer for this one.

Ok well that's about it for my Friday Five!  Hope fully this weekend I'll have some way more interesting posts with photos from my NEW HOUSE!!!! Tonight after my show, we're going over, just the two of us, with a bottle of really nice scotch I've been hanging onto since 2005, a blanket, and some candles to have a little picnic on the floor.  If drinking scotch is considered a picnic.  Heh.  Happy weekend!!!

* Taken from Here

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