Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to the Grind

There's something to be said for getting back to routine and normalcy.  But....I miss my afternoon naps.  It was weird getting ready for work in a new place and getting the hang of my morning routine in a new place.  But all in all it went just fine.

We're all in and settled at the house and it's starting to feel almost normal.  Like my boss said, it doesn't feel like home until you're comfortable walking around in the dark.

Camping was so wonderful.  I had no cell phone reception so I was delighted yo just be disconnected for a few days.  It was quite nice to just enjoy time with the family and relax a little.  In surroundings like this:

* sigh*

Hopefully I'll be back in the crochet saddle this week now, so I'll actually have something to post this Wednesday!

I hope everyone is well.  Much love!

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