Saturday, September 15, 2012


Aw yeah!  Just got back from the big Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs I go to every year.  Oh my goodness how FUN!!!  And I got to meet a very dear online friend for the first time.  HI MAX!!

Ok, and off we go with a crap ton of photos!

For my non-local friends, this is what I-70 looks like in Ohio between Columbus and Dayton.  Yup.

 And when you get off the highway, same thing.  Only closer to your car.

YAY!  Made it!!!

 Lots of roving, everywhere!  This vendor is "The Wooly Knob."  ::giggles::

There is a guy there every year with a herding dog who does little shows where he herds ducks.


BUN BUNS!!!  Angoras are like clouds with twitchy noses. 

I just love this.  The guy on the left looks like he saying "CHEESE" and the guy on the right looks stoned.  

This spinning wheel was as tall as me.

"Psssst.  She's totally checking you out dude!"

 Oh Max.  So excited!!

Heh heh.  I totally squeezed Romney's balls.


These right here look a lot

Halloween yarn!!!!

Me and Max.  He totally squatted down and I was on my tip toes.  :)

I came home to this.  My two favorite beings all snuggled up and watching  a movie.

And my treasures.  I got a little alpaca toy thing that is made from real alpaca floofy-ness. SOOOOO soft.  Some pretty yarn for a project I have lined up and some totally cute alpaca earrings.  :)  YAY!

All in all a super fun day.  Now for a nap.  :)


  1. Heh heh!Tons of fun, and floofies! LOL I agree, naps are in order. :-)

  2. I'm jealous you have alpaca earrings.

  3. Oh my and I missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next year! I will be there next year.