Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday WIPs

It's Wednesday once again, and just 8 days away from closing on my house.  ACK!!

Only one photo to share this week.  I haven't gotten a lot of work done.  I take that back, I spent 3 days on a project I'd started and just ripped it all out.  ::sigh::  That was no fun.  I was making a Dr Who themed doily for my messenger bag, but it was WAY bigger than I'd anticipated, so I ripped it out.  I do want to make some appliques to make my plain black bag a little more interesting.  Maybe later this winter.

Anyway, no work on the sweater and only a couple rows were done on the Tunisian Scarf.  Also that pink cabled cowl?  I decided to set it aside for awhile.  I tore out the 2 rows I'd done and put the yarn back.  I'll make it another day with some better yarn.  I'm not sure I had enough of the pink anyway.

That said, I started another project.  I know.  I KNOW!!  But this means I only have 3 going right now, which is a good number of WIPs.  I've been dying to make this shawl/scarf thingy:

That's the designer of the pattern, Aoibhe Ni (sounds kinda like "Aveny") from Ireland.  I just love listening to her YouTube videos.  :)

It's called "Pax", it's Tunisian Lace and I'm using that gorgeous yarn I got at the Wool Gathering last weekend.  I got the initial chain done and started in on the pattern:

This photo does NOT do justice to just ho breathtaking the colors are in this yarn.  

So this is my first stab at Tunisian Lace and Linked Stitches.  I have to say it's like starting all over again.  With all the frustrations and hook-tossing, and swearing.  But I'm just stubborn enough that I gotta learn on my own.  I got the hang of how to do it, now just figuring out how to read the pattern.  I'll have it soon enough.  Learning new stitches is hard enough, but learning on lace weight yarn is enough to make you a little crazy.  

I'm definitely going to need to do some instant gratification projects here.  Some small, "get 'em done in a night" type projects.  I think I've been losing steam on crochet in general because I'm just slowly plugging away at large projects.  

Well that's about it for my WIPs.  I hope everyone is having an awesome week!!

Eva Shrug: 50%
Tunisian Revolution Scarf: 75%
Pax Shawl: 1%

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