Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday "Where Does the Time Go?" WIPs!

Seriously these short weeks screw me up every time.  I nearly forgot it was Wednesday!!

Ok well I have the two arm bands and the main band done for the sweater so I'm ready to dig into the main part!  I'm super excited and a little nervous.  I've never built up from an edging before, it's always been the opposite.  Fingers crossed!!

The Tunisian Scarf hasn't had any work this week so no photos.

The next offensive doily is moving a long a lot faster than I thought it would.  I'll share a photo because I've only just started the letters so you can't see much yet.

Wow, in fact the photos is so crappy you can't see much at all.  Heh.  Well you get the gist of it.  And MAN is that thread bright!!

So that's about it for now,  But I have my next project lined up already.  I'll need to buy yarn though.  Since I have this fancy new craft room in the new house with a LOVELY window seat I figured it needs a blanket.  :D  I know I swore off blankets awhile ago, but oh well.  I'm decorating my room inspired by Attic 24 so I need a "Lucy" blanket!!  I'm going with a granny stripe like this one:

Not those exact colors, but similar!!  I just can't wait.  Money is tight though, so I'm not sure when I can get the yarn for this.  I'll need to wait for a big sale somewhere.  

That's about ti for now!  22 days to closing, not that I'm counting!  Much love and happy crafting!

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