Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Talent or Men.tal Il.lness?

(Sorry for the weird punctuation.  I've been getting spammed because of the terms men.tal ill.ness being typed out)

I've been getting things more organized for the big move to the new house and trying to get ready for life as a homeowner.  I have my Home Binder ready with the Gusseted Binder Folders for my manuals and warranties and all that good stuff.  (there is a GREAT video on creating a Home Binder here! ) Got lots of multi-colored pens and hi-lighters for keeping things color coded as I do.  I cleaned out my filing cabinet and had a heck of a shredding party!  Got it pared down and moved into a waterproof filing box so I can ditch the cabinet.  (I had pay stubs from my first job back in....uh...a long time ago)  I still need to redo the hanging folders and get those color coded too.

All this and my other organizational projects has gotten me thinking though.  If this is a talent or borderline men.tal ill.ness.  It can be a fine line.  A dear friend of mine posted about this on her blog not too long ago and it kind of struck home for me.  Referring to people who are highly organized to the point that it almost seems unhealthy.  I don't think I quite fit the bill, but I have my moments.

I often make jokes about being OCD and how I'm "not well", etc in regards to my organization.  (I gave a friend a ride home once in my car.  I had to move my umbrella off the passenger seat for him and said "shoot, sorry it's such a mess in here."  He looked around; that was the only thing inside the car.)  There are people out there FAR more color coordinated and sorted and neatly stacked away than I am.  I am by no means "disgustingly" organized.  But....well I am incredibly well organized.  I do color code things, I carry around lots of pens and hi lighters in many colors so any notes I take are in the appropriate color.  My Google calendar looks like a flippin' rainbow.

The things about myself that worry me are: my incessant need for things to be at 45 or 90 degree angles.  I catch myself straightening the flatware at the table when we eat out a lot, and when I'm done eating I usually fold my napkin exactly in half twice, or in 2 triangles.  I do this a lot of time completely unconsciously, too.  And my need to touch the lock on the front door before I go to bed.  This is one that I've slowly gotten away from in the last couple years thankfully.  But I catch myself still doing it every once in awhile.  But what really bothers me is when I notice myself getting worse with it.  Especially when I'm upset about something else in my life and I start straightening with a little more vigor, or cleaning up things that are not mine.  To me that makes it less a penchant for being orderly and more a men.tal ill.ness/need for control.

I dunno, these are just random thoughts that pop in my head sometimes.  I know I'm fine, I'm not nearly OCD and I'm not even as organized as others.  But when I get those moments of sheer panic that something is off kilter, I have to worry a little.

That said, I have a shopping list to update.  ::grabs green, red and purple pens::

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