Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Official

I'm a homeowner.  GAH!!!!  I go back and forth between moments of sheer joy and sheer panic.  The "oh my lord what have I done?" and the "SQUEE!!!  I HAVE A HOUSE!!!  :)

But we're all set.  We don't take possession for another week yet, but that's ok.  The owners are letting us bring stuff over early, so tomorrow we're taking a couple car loads over.  

It doesn't feel totally real yet.  I'm sure it won't until we're standing in the empty house and bringing our things inside.  And when I get the first mortgage bill.  Heh.  At least I won't get that until November.  

Sorry it's a short post today.  For a day off I'm really dang busy!!  


  1. Aww congratulations! We bought our first home a fixer upper in February 2009. We have had lots of moments of what have we done! Especially when we have to do repairs. However, owning our home is the most wonderful thing ever! WE can do what we wish to the house and the yard. It is ours.

  2. Congrats!!! I well remember when we first bought. I think the panic is it real hit hubby more then me. I was pregnant at the time so probably had my mind more on that.

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