Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Five

Got a quickie today, pretty simple questions.  Not very exciting I fear.  Sorry.

Friday "Where To Go?" Five!

1) Where do you go for a really great cup of coffee or tea?
Cup 'o' Joe in German Village.  We walk up there all the time.  I honestly don't get coffee out much, I usually just drink what I made at home in the kitchen, or what's at work.  But if I'm going out with coffee on the brain, that's where I go.  I get a lot of coffee beans there too.

2) Where do you go for a really great doughnut?
Hm.  I really don't know.  I'm not a big fan of donuts honestly.  They're good for like 2 bites, then I feel sick. I'm just not a pastry person.  Every once in a great while someone brings in a dozen from Resch's Bakery and I will eat all of one of those.  They have THE best baked goods in the city, hands down.

3) Where do you go for a really great sandwich?
For lunch during the week, Broad Street Bagels.  Their sandwiches are really good.  On a bagel or as a wrap, I really dig them all.  Other than that, lots of places around here have great sandwiches.  None really stand out as better than the rest.

4) Where do you go for a really great bowl of soup?
Au Bon Pain.  Holy.....their soups bring tears to my eyes.  LOVE their soups.  And they have like 12 different soups available every day!!!

5) Where do you go for a really great post-midnight snack?
I can usually find one somewhere behind the dragon that's teaching me algebra while I'm on roller skates.  Post midnight I am dead to the world, fast into dreamland.  I never eat late night snacks anyway. I'm old enough now that if I do I'm sick for like 3 days.  Sad really.

That's it for the Friday Five!

Another quick note on a WIP, that new shawl I started has been absolutely killing me, but I think I'm finally ready to roll on it.  I'm new to Tunisian Lace and the pattern is in chart form.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but I absolutely despise charts.  I know how to read them, I know what the symbols mean, but my brain just does not follow them.  At all.  And this chart is in a totally new language that I don't know yet.  I spent HOURS watching videos, reading blogs, begging for help on Ravelry and I'm finally just now starting to get it.  I don't have it with me to play with, but I'm hoping to get some work on it this weekend between spells of packing.

I love learning new techniques and stitches and things, but that first bit when I totally don't get's like panic mode times a hundred.  I start getting that feeling I get when I try to do anything math related where I cry and want to stab my brain through my ear.  Although with crochet I eventually get it.  Math....well there's a wall up that math will never get over.  Math dies with a flammenwerfer.  Sorry dad.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I hope everyone has a great Friday and a lovely weekend!!

Friday Five borrowed from here

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