Thursday, September 13, 2012

Exciting Store News!!!

I finally, finally found a site that can host my store that isn't Evil Etsy.  Better yet, it's free!  (I'm waiting for the catch.)  You can buy items right from the site and pay via PayPal, too.  It's so much more user friendly and all over great!

I've already start moving things over to the site and getting it all set up.  However, my photos of my items for sale are really awful.  So I'm going to put some work into that, but with moving and packing I just don't have the time or place to take new photos.  And I have a craft show coming up in December.  So I'm going to continue to work on the store and get it set up, but I may wait until after the first of the year to have it go live.  That way I can remove what I may sell at the show and get some better photos of my items.  And hopefully have some new ones in there too!

So look forward to the launching of my brand new store coming soon!!!!

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