Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whoa, What? Wednesday WIPs?!

I MADE IT!!!  With 2 hours left in Wednesday, finally an honest to goodness Wednesday WIPs post.  Woohoo!!!

Ok, so let's see here.  I'm very close to done with the first band of the sweater.  I'm about 20 rows away I think.

The safety pins are row markers, to help keep count.  But there she is!!  After that's done I need to make two smaller ones for the arms and then I can get started on the body of the sweater!

The Tunisian scarf is coming along.  I'm almost ready to tie on the final hank of yarn!

I've kinda set the flower chain aside for a bit.  In fact all these things are sitting out for a bit while I'm cranking out charity scarves for the Ravellenic games!  I've finished 2 already.

Unfortunately this week got really busy so I haven't had much time to work on more, but it's slowing down some now.  And really it does not take much time to get a scarf done.  I plan to whip out some hats too!  Hopefully I get a lot more done this weekend.  I need to start getting obnoxious and carrying projects around with me everywhere again!

In fact I'm gonna get a small start on one now before I fall asleep.  So with that, I bid you good night!  Much love!!!

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