Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday WIPs!

Ok, so the Ravellenic Games are done, but I do want to continue to make charity scarves through the month of August though.  But I won't feel as rushed to get them done so quickly, and I'll probably continue to work on my personal WIPs.  I did get a total of 6 scarves done and one hat for charity in the 2 weeks of the Olympics.  I had a couple scarves set aside for charity already too.  So I've got 8 or 9 I think as of now.  I'm thinking I can get a couple more done before the end of the month.

Just so my post isn't totally picture-less here are the other two I made during the Games:

I have a TON of that really obnoxious red color at home.  Yeesh.

Since I've been working on that there is no real progress on any other WIPs at the moment.  But I did pull the flower chain back out again to start working on that at lunch breaks again. I wanted that for the Christmas tree, and (smack me for saying this) Christmas is slowly creeping up on us.  But at least this Christmas my love and I can celebrate in our new house!!  44 days to closing!!!