Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Theonlycat Gets a Bath

We've been dealing with some seriously stubborn fleas in theonly household.  Frontline, Advantage, we've tried 'em all.  They went away for awhile, and came back.  I gave in and bought flea shampoo yesterday.  I've given kitty a bath maybe once before ever.  She was smaller then.  She is now 17 pounds of fluffy love.  Or 17 pounds of pure fury when you get her wet.

Naturally I couldn't let an event like this go undocumented.  *evil grin*  So, here she is, in all her pain and suffering.  (So says she)  We both came out unscathed and she forgave me quickly.  No one was injured in the making of this film.  LOL!

One of the rare occasions you get to see me.  Sorry I look like crap, but I'm trying to wrangle a wet cat.

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