Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday Five!

Happy Friday folks!  And a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to theonlyboyfriend!!!  Today starts those magical 3 months of the year I'm not older than him.  :)

Today is also a state Holiday for Hawaii, the day it became a state.  So here is today's Hawaii themed Friday Five!!*

1. Hawaii’s nickname is the Aloha State. If your neighborhood were to be admitted as the fifty-first state, what would be its nickname?

The Wedding Soup state.  Why?  There's a little bit of everything in our neighborhood as far as people go, and different as they all are, they work together well to make something delicious!  There's a lot of older couples left that have lived in the area their entire lives, or even for a couple generations.  There is a large gay population as well, and a rising number of DINKS** like theonlyboyfriend and I.  And let me tell you the latter two demographics are doing wonders for property values!  Also dotted through the area are do I say "white trash" politely?  

2. What do you own fifty of?
Pennies.  I can say that for sure.  I'm sure I have close to 50 purses and bags.  And probably 50 shirts.  I'm sure I have well over 50 crochet hooks.  Books, DVD's and CDs.  Wow I thought this would be a hard question at first read.  

3. What’s the nicest beach you’ve been to?
Any in Hawaii.  There were a couple very secluded ones in Kauai that I really loved.  I'm sure there are nicer beaches in the world but there are so many I have not seen.  I must remedy that!

4.  A pizza with ham and pineapple is often called a Hawaiian pizza (something that annoys many of us who live here and can’t stand that flavor combination). If you live in Hawaii, what should rightfully be called a Hawaiian pizza, and if you live elsewhere, what would go on the pizza named after your area?
The Ohio pizza?  Hmmmm.  Depends on which part of Ohio.  Northern Ohio, Pierogies.  Columbus, annoying OSU fans.  Southern Ohio; roadkill?  Well whatever would be on our pizza I could promise it would be bland and incredibly fatty.  Sorry local folks.  We're not exactly known for exotic dishes in the midwest, unless it's something not local.

5. What mental and emotional states do you hope to attain this weekend?
Well I think we always aspire to be in a happy mental state right?  I think I'm no different.  I've got a very nice night planned with the boy for his birthday so naturally I'm hoping that goes well.  

Ok, well I guess that's about it for my Friday post!  I hope everyone is well and has a GREAT weekend!!  Much love!

* Taken from Here
**Dual Income No Kids.  I'm not making a racial slur!!

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