Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIPless Wendesday

No WIPs today.  I think I picked up a hook once in the last week.  :(  I'm starting to have crochet withdrawal over here.

I am afraid this will be brief.  My head apparently thinks tonight's a good night to slowly explode.  So sitting up to write this post is about all I can handle tonight.  But I come bearing 2 bits of great news!!

1)  I am done reading scripts.  Hallelujah to all beings, I am done reading scripts!!!!
2)  Even better and more exciting; I reached my fundraising goal for my Pelotonia Ride!!!!!  I am super excited!  I am still overwhelmed with the amount of people who gave so quickly and easily and all their well wishes.  It's sad how much cancer touches us all in some way, and finding more and more friends who have lost someone close to them from this horrible disease.  I'm glad to be part of something to help find an end to all the pain.

Now obviously, there's no cap to donations, so if you still want to give, you are MORE than welcome to!!

You can click here to donate!

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