Saturday, July 7, 2012


I really suck at taking time off.  First off, I always end up checking work email because for some odd reason I care and want make sure everything is ok.  It never fails, I see something that gets me all stressed out again.

So I've been off work since Tuesday, which has been nice for the most part.  I did get a lot of things done.  Wednesday we really just sat around the house and goofed off which was so nice.  Thursday had a meeting and got a couple small errands run, worked out at the gym and relaxed some more.

Friday (yesterday) I went shopping with some gift cards I got for Christmas.  I was hell bent on getting some shoes and pants I DESPERATELY need for work.  Nothing craps all over your self esteem like pants shopping.  All said and done, I did get a pair of shoes I really needed for work, and a dress I didn't really NEED but it looks SO cute on me.  Heh.  So it wasn't a total bust, but very depressing.  I surprised theonlyboyfriend at work and took him to lunch so that was nice.  But all that running around in the heat made me start feeling sick.  So I went home and laid around and read more scripts.  The boy came home from work and we got some dinner and chilled around the house before going to see a 10:30 show at the theatre.  The A/C was not working well there so I got sicker and felt awful.  When we finally slugged home after midnight we found the power was out.  I quite literally broke down into tears.

There was noting to do so we laid on the couch not sleeping until about 2:30AM.  The power came back on and in my joy I drifted off to sleep immediately.  Until I awoke not 5 minutes later to a LOUD popping and cracking noise.  The lights started to strobe in the house.  Silence, then more loud popping.  I ran out back to see the electrical poles exploding and showers of sparks raining down all over the alley behind the house and our yards.  Then the electrical wires turned bright glowing red and snapped in the middle and started swinging around.  The poles caught fire.  I called 911 in between fits of screaming.  The fire trucks came but there's not really much they can do but watch.

So we were without power today and the temperatures hit 105.  Thankfully since our power lines quite literally exploded, we were moved to top of the list for repairs.  So we got power back late this afternoon.  It's gonna take a couple days to cool the house down again, but it's at least finally under 85 in here.

All in all it's been far more stressful than I'd hoped, but I have gotten a lot accomplished this weekend.  I never got to sleep in, not once in 5 days off and I have sweat more in the last couple days than I ever have in my life.  But silver lining, I'm about 70% done reading scripts now.   Just a handful more.  Whew.

I hope everyone is well and staying cool.  Much love!

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  1. How scary! We hit 103 yesterday and 101 today. I pray everyday that we won't have the power outages that you are experiencing. Our poor A/C has not taken a break since we moved in. This heatwave is really awful. I hope we all get some relief soon. I have seen people here sleeping in tents in their yards with window box A/Cs hooked up. On the news they said the window boxes couldn't cool the houses so they are taking to the streets. They are predicting 88 starting tomorrow. I hope the same cold front hits you. I really do. Take care.