Sunday, July 1, 2012


For the month of July I am offering HALF OFF anything in my store to anyone who donates to my Pelotonia ride!*

Pelotonia's sole purpose is raising money for The James Cancer Center here in Columbus, Ohio.  One of the leading cancer research centers in the country.  Pelotonia is entirely volunteer and every single penny they/we raise goes directly to the James.  None of your money goes to overhead or advertising, or into anyone else's pocket.  You can be sure that all of the money you give goes to a worthy cause, fighting this terrible disease.

There is all sorts of information on Pelotonia on their website.  Please take a look.

I am riding the 25 mile tour, and am dedicated to raising $1200.  As of right now I have raised $855 so I have plenty more to go, but I am past the halfway mark!  I am riding in memory of my godmother who sadly lost her battle with breast cancer in 2008.  There are too many people dying every year to cancer, and odds are someone in your life has been affected by this.

Please donate to my ride; you can do that right here.  You will get a confirmation email with a letter to keep for tax deduction next year.

Ok now the fine print, that I'm putting in regular print, because I'm not trying to hide anything here.

*Donations must be at least $20 and the half off discount won't be applied to shipping costs if your item needs to be shipped.  But here's some happier fine print.  Any donations $100 or more, you get something for free.  FREE I SAY!!!!

If you want to participate in my sale, please make your donation.  Email me at theonlynikki @ gmail . com and let me know you just donated and gimme your name and information.  Then take a look through my shop (link to the right there) and let me know what you're interested in.  Let's make a deal!!

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