Saturday, July 28, 2012

A quick hello and update

Greetings and happy weekend!!  Well I think I can start MAYBE posting more regularly again as a couple stressors are eased for the time being.  I swear this was probably the most stressful, worst week in a long time.  But, some great news....  We are officially in contract for the house!  Obviously a lot can happen between now and my name being on the deed, so I won't do cartwheels yet, but here we are!

Also, last night started the Ravellenic Games, so I've got my first project waiting now!  The yarn and hook are beside me and pattern is cued and ready!  I'll be starting today!

Also today, I'm meeting face to face for the first time with some Ravelry buddies!!  I'm super excited.  We're hitting some LYSs (Local Yarn Stores) getting some yarn time in and most likely ending the day with margaritas.  :)  I hope to have fun stories and photos to share tomorrow!

For now, here's my giant stash of yarn someone donated to me that I'm hoping to at least make a dent in for the Rav games and charity scarves.

I have no gran delusions of getting through it all in 2 weeks.  But as much as I can do, I will

Have a wonderful weekend!!  Much love!


  1. How fun! I have met a few Ravelry buddies and it is great. I wish I were closer to people who like to knit/crochet as much as I do. We live in a small town outside of the city. Can't wait to see how much you get done in the Ravellenics.

  2. Hi! What time of year does this happen? I have never seen an advertisement for it. I live just outside of Columbus in Grove City.

    1. Ravellenic Games? They coincide with the Olympics, so whenever the Olympics are.