Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday WIPs

It's that time again.  Time to see what theonlynikki has been up to!  Well let's see what we have here.

First off, the daisies are growing and growing!!

They're out of controooooollll!!!

The Tunisian scarf is still going, slow but sure.  No photos of that this week, it's not grown that much.

And I FINALLY started The Sweater I've been wanting to make!!  The first step in making this is the ribbing all around the edge and sleeves.  This part will likely take 75% of the time to make the entire sweater.  It's slip stitch crochet ribbing so it's slloooowwww going.  I've gotten this much done so far.  Heh.

You can kinda almost see the ribbing here

It's really a striking shade of blue, I'm very excited about it!

I also started a non-crochet project last night!  Well actually started and more or less finished.  I plan to dedicate an entire post to what I made, so I won't share a lot here.  It's one of those drawstring backpack thingies, where the draw strings become the shoulder straps.  It really took no time at all to make, but I need a grommet punch and grommets for the bottom corners, which I do not have.  So I'm in the process of tracking one down so I can finish it.  But just for fun, here's a sneak peek!!

I have a massive collection of corduroy at home.  Theonlyboyfriend is the corduroy king, and the sad thing with those kinds of pants is they wear out quickly and fall apart, usually in the seat.  But the legs typically are in great shape.  So I've got about 8 or 9 pairs of pants in my cloth bin.  The flower is from corduroy too.  :)  

It's all put together and ready for the rope and grommets, so as soon as that's all done I'll post another ta-da post!  

That's about it for now.  I hope everyone is well!

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