Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday Whoops, Thursday Thorry!

Yeah totally spaced on my Wednesday WIPs post, sorry!  But for good reason, which I will get to in a moment.  No a lot of news on the WIPs front anyway.  I have gotten a bit done on the sweater which is good because that first bit will take forever.  Everything else, very little progress.

Ok so it's been a REALLY exciting couple of days.  I'm literally bouncing at my desk right now.  Just all over bubbling today.  Where to begin?  I'm good with lists.  Let's do that, shall we?

- Today is theonlyboyfriend's and my 4 year anniversary!  My heart still skips a beat when I hear his truck pull up outside our apartment, and I still get giddy inside when he walks into a room.  Love you, honey!

-I bought myself a present and I almost never do this.  It's coming today!  Seriously, when I told theonlyboyfriend and my folks about this I was all nervous about any talk of spending extra money, but they were all like "you deserve it!  Treat yourself!"  I had some gift cards left over from Christmas and this is a 3 paycheck month so....I bought myself a Kindle Fire.  I'd been thinking about a tablet for some time now but they're so expensive and really way more than what I need.  i just wanted something I can carry around to read scrips, browse the interwebs, watch movies or TV shows on Netflix, and most importantly carry crochet patterns.  And maybe read books, like it's intended for, hah!  Anyway with the gift cards and all, I did not spend that much anyway.  I think fixing my bicycle a few weeks go cost more.  Heh.  Regardless, present for me!!

-Silly mundane work things are going well.  Well silly and mundane to anyone else, but exciting for me anyway.  :)

-I'm looking at a house tonight.  In the last couple years I've been really getting more serious about possibly buying my first home.  However last summer it got out of hand and I started getting obsessive with researching houses so I decided to let it drop for awhile.  But I'm feeding some friends' cats while they're on vacation and saw this house across the street and down a couple from them that was just adorable.  When I saw the asking price though I had to set an appointment.  It's really inexpensive for the area.  I know it's going to get snatched up super quick.  It's only a few blocks away from where we live now and on such a beautiful street!  And we know at least 3 other couples who live within a block of this house.

-I went on another practice ride last night with a co-worker and his wife.  It was hot, but tolerable.  The breeze evaporated the massive amounts of sweat on me body.  Heh.  Anyway about halfway up the trail we ran into this guy:

A beaver.  I've never seen one in person before.  And let me tell you he was ENORMOUS.  And not afraid of us at all.  A few people had stopped to take photos of him and we were all about 3 feet away.  He just sat there munching not he grass all "whateves".  Hah!

All this in just a span of a couple days.  So it's been an exciting week so far.  And much more to come.  I'm singing a beautiful duet at church this Sunday and next week I'm teaching music at my church's Vacation Bible School!!  Busy, busy couple weeks!!

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