Friday, June 22, 2012


You what time it is, kids!  Friday Five time!!!

Ok, first use the Random Letter Generator. Get a random letter. My letter is Y.  Well crap.  Ok.

1) What food item beginning with Y are you most likely to eat in the next few days?
* sigh I had to get Y.  Ok, well.... let's go with yeast.  Because I love me some carbs and will likely be eating bread a lot in the next few days as I always do.

2) What item, beginning with Y, are you most likely to purchase this weekend?
Yuengling.  (Beer.)  Heck that one was easy!

3) What famous person, whose last name starts with Y, makes you think thoughts you probably shouldn't?
Ok the only famous people I can think of are William Butler Yeats and Weird Al Yankovic.  And I don't really have any untoward thoughts of either of them.  The one celebrity who is currently making me think thoughts I shouldn't is Benedict Cumberbatch.  Giggity!  Did I just type that?  :">

4) What is your favorite film whose name starts with the letter Y?
I think I'm torn between Yellow Submarine and Y Tu Mama Tambien.  I haven't seen either in quite some time though.  You were waiting for me to say Yentl, weren't you?

5) What geographical location that starts with Y are you most likely see within the next few days?
Heh.  My yard.  I gotta mow so badly.  I really wish I could say Yellow Springs, but we won't have time to head out there for some time sadly.  :(

Ok, that's it for my list.  Just an update from yesterday's post, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle Fire.  Love it!!  I got a sweet neon green case for it too.  :D

The house last night was really nice.  On a scale of 1 (this house is a hole in the ground covered with a stick) to 10 (oh my god where do I sign?!) I'd say it was a 7.  Size, location and details... fantastic.  It had a finished basement and a 2 card garage.  You don't see either of those things ever in our area.  But the windows would need replaced soon and the roof is 15 years old.  Yes we could always request that be replaced or make them lower the asking price to cover it.  Either way I'm sill considering it, but theonlyboyfriend I think has checked it off his list, so it likely will not happen.  But I'm meeting with a lender next week and hopefully meeting with the Realtor again, so we can keep looking and move forward with this more aggressively.

That's about it for now.  Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Comfest for my local friends!!!!


  1. I got a Nook for Christmas and have loved it so much. I know how you feel about your Kindle. These I Readers are awesome. You can read a 1,000 page book with out tiring out your hands and arms. You will find the house you want. I know you will.

    1. Thank you dear. Its exciting to be looking for a place but we're taking our time for sure

  2. Yeah, so I totally had to go and read your other post! Ohmygawdyourelookingatbuyingahouse! Squee! Is it near J&J A's? I wanna see! And you know, we're further away from downtown than there, but there are houses for stupid cheap in our neighborhood. Less than 80K cheap. Like seriously. :)

    1. Its across the street and 2 doors down from j&j a. :) we're definetly wanting to stay in this neighborhood. Sorry.