Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Ta-Da!

Instead of my usual Friday Five I'm making a Friday FO, or Friday Ta-Da! post.  I was able to finish my drawstring backpack last night!

Even used it for my bike ride in to work today!

There she is!  My mom had a really cool grommet/snap/eyelet kit thingy so I went over to my folks' last night to use it and spend some quality time with theonlymom!  (We watched The Help.  I totally cried.)  Anyway, after about an hour of trying to figure out the grommet maker thing and royally screwing it up a few times we finally got it right.  Lord what a trial that was.  

So anyway, as I mentioned Wednesday I made this guy out of some old pants.

What you can't see is he massive hole in the seat of these pants.  Heh.

I cut the legs off and spread them out and cut them down to the size I wanted with some seam allowance.  Far too much seam allowance apparently I ended up cutting a lot more off later.  But better than not enough.  

Right by the knees of the pants were these really weird lining things I discovered.  Reinforcement I guess.  But for the inside of the bag they make really sweet pockets!!!  A very happy surprise indeed!

Before attaching the pieces together I made my corduroy flower, and sewed those pieces onto the front.  

Flower, also from blown out corduroy pants!

Then I sewed the halves together, right side in (obviously) leaving more seam allowance at the top for the drawstring sleeves.  I folded the top edges over twice and sewed that down leaving a sleeve.  Then I made two diagonal lines along the bottom corners to separate the sections where the grommets would go.  

All this up until here was done Tuesday night.  It took me a total of maybe 2 hours.  Then last night, as I mentioned, the grommets were installed

Then I put the cord through the sleeves and tied it down by the grommets and that's it!!  Ta-Da!!!

Naturally the flower is slightly off center  and too close to the top, just enough to really irritate my OCD nature.

Super easy and a lot of fun.  And incredibly useful.  Big enough for my purse, a book and a couple other small things for my comings and goings on my bike!  And impossibly adorable.  

That's it!  Happy Friday all, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Maybe do another smaller flower and put it off center down towards the bottom to even it out :) I love it!

    1. Dude, that's a great idea!!! I actually thought about putting an outside pocket on it too, so maybe I can do that! Although sewing it will be difficult since it;s all put together. But I think I can fit it in the machine.