Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five!

It's Friday once again and time for another Five.  Without further ado, here is today's symbolic Friday Five:

1) Which Circus Act describes you this past week?
Clowns.  A) juggling a LOT this week with different aspects in my life.  (work, church, finances, depression etc) and B) trying to appeal to children while teaching music at VBS.  I honestly had a blast with that.  The kids were great for the most part and enjoyed the songs.

2) Which Summer Olympic Event best illustrates what your professional life has been like lately?
First off, I just posted the word "Olympics", so I guess I can be expecting a Cease and Desist letter from those a-holes' lawyers now.  But anyway.  I'd have to say Dodgeball.  Wait is that an Olympic event?  Seriously folks here keep hurling their crap at me and I can only duck out of the way, I think catching and throwing it back would be admissible in the sport, but grounds for dismissal here.

3) Which Household chore is most symbolic of your romantic life?
What the?  Seriously?  Dirty answer: Dusting.  I do it way more frequently than most normal people do.  Family friendly answer: straightening.  It makes me feel so happy inside.

4) What item on your current grocery shopping list sums up your relationships with your friends lately?
Well how's this for symbolism, I don't have a grocery list right now.  So do I not have friends?  Hmmmmm......

5) Which of Crayola's Standard Colors has a name that would be a good title for the coming weekend?
Burnt Sienna.  BECAUSE IT'S GOING TO BE HOTTER THAN THE DEEPEST PITS OF HELL.  Heat index of 111 tomorrow.  Thank god I'll be inside all weekend.  Either way I'm sure my skin will burst into flames when I walk outside.

Ok, well that was...erm...informative.  Heh.  I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.  I'll try to post photos and stories from my 48 hour theatre this weekend!!  Much love!