Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bad Blogger!

I've been a bad blogger, not updating.  Sorry, no Wednesday WIP's this week, I've barely touched my hooks since last week, sadly.  I have been crazy busy, but I've also been undeniably depressed too.  I'm probably the only person in the world that gets Seasonal Affective Disorder in the summer, but I do and I get it bad.  All winter long I'm peppy and alert and happy but once the dead of summer hits, I have to be dragged out of the house.  And in or out of the house I'm depressed, apathetic and cry a lot.  Sorry to paint this picture of theonlynikki everyone but it's the cold hard truth.  From June until September you can most likely find me on the couch not doing much of anything except frustrating theonlyboyfriend.

Ok enough of that.  I'll at least give an update on what's been going on lately.  So this week is Vacation Bible School week at my church.  I was asked to teach music this year, so I've been going right from work to church and spending all evening there with the kids.  I'm not a kids person, that's no secret, but VBS is always fun and incredibly rewarding!  And getting to teach the music this year has been an absolute blast.  And we got some new faces in the church this year which is so wonderful.  Only downsides to this week has been the getting up at 5 to get my workouts in before work and the lack of A/C in our 120 year old church. Today is the last (and hottest) day of VBS, so my schedule will ease a bit.

Or will it?

Not this weekend!!  At the theatre we're putting up another 48.  What's a 48, you ask?  48 hours of utter maddness and fun.  It all started several years back when we started doing 24s.  A 24 is a 24 hour theatre project where we gather a group on Friday night at 8PM, we split into groups of actors, directors and writers.  The actors wear a costume and bring a prop of their choosing.  Then we pull names from a hat, completely at random and divide into groups of one writer, one director and 3-5 actors.  The writers go home and write a 10-15 minute script.  Then we all meet up again with our groups at 8AM and get our scripts from the writers and start rehearsing.  We rehearse all day, tech at 3, and perform at 8PM that night.  Creating an entire show and performing it in 24 hours.  You ask me again, "then what the heck is a 48?"  Well we do a standard 24, then after the first night, we gather up again, and redraw director and writers (keeping the actor groups the same) and you get a new writer who has to write act 2 to the show they draw!  So they will be writing a sequel to a show they did not write in the first place!!

It's maddening and insane, but it is probably the most fun we can have on stage.  It's a challenge for sure, but that's what we do best!  And very minimal commitment for a show.  Heh.  I'm coming out of my acting retirement for this weekend.  I have my completely ridiculous costume together and I'm ready.

So that's my insane life right now.  Well that and squeezing in reading script submissions in my every spare second.  ::sigh::  But it truly will ease up next week.  In fact I'm taking 2 days off after the holiday giving me a 5 day weekend!  So if I can break out of my depressive funk for a few minutes I might be able to get some hooky time in!

Much love!!!

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  1. I am definitely a winter person. I don't like the heat. Hang in there. This heat wave has to break at some point.