Sunday, May 6, 2012


I love, love, LOVE walking to church on Sunday mornings.  Especially when the sun is up but the world is not. The sun is bright and the sky is the most amazing shade of blue, and all the leaves are a stunning spring green.  No sounds except birds and some squirrels chippering away.  So still and quiet.

The walk home is much more vibrant, with people out moving their lawns and planting things and doing little activities.  The world seems fully alive and practically vibrating with energy.

Now, back to the still as I sit quietly in the house.  Resting from Sunday cleanings, and taking a moment to read some things and sit with the cat on the couch.  Possibly a quick doze before hopping up to mow the lawn and get back into cleaning and maintenance.

Much love, I hope everyone else is enjoying this bright gorgeous day!!!

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