Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday, finally!!!!

What a week.  Ugh.  But it's finally Friday, and I got paid so hopefully the checks I wrote won't bounce. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend of seeing plays, my niece's birthday party, and the Merion Village Garage sale day!!!!

So first, off a very big Happy Birthday to my niece, who is officially a teenager today!!  Wow, 13?  Where does the time go.  Happy Birthday, sweetie!!

Ok on to my Friday Five.  I'm going to do something a little different.  I found a Friday Five, fill-in-the-blank version.  Looks like a mini story.  So let's see how this goes.  I did not read ahead I'm reading this as I fill it in.  Just for fun.

1) It was a dark and stormy morning.  You got up late and decided to call in sick and spend the morning snuggled under blankies!
2) After that, you were still feeling incredibly lazy, so you figured it wouldn't hurt to move down to the couch and lay there instead.
3) Just as you were finishing up, the phone ran!  You picked it up and said, "Nikki's morgue, you stab 'em, we slab 'em!".  It turned out to be your mom calling, asking if you wanted to help her move her furniture later on at midnight.
4) "It's going to STINK!!", you mumble to the cat as you hang up the phone and grab your box of explosives.
5)  " YOU stink " says the cat.  The fact that your cat is talking makes you so happy, but then you figure it's just the Quaaludes you took so you set the house on fire, light a small stick of dynamite for good measure, take out the trash so no one thinks your a slob when they clean out the wreckage and sniff your armpits a couple times for good measure.

The End

Wow.  That....uhh..... Yeah.  My MadLibs were always a little disturbing when I was growing up.

Well I hope everyone is well and not judging me too harshly for that, LOL.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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