Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another WIPpy Wednesday!

I have had a serious case of the lazy recently.  I haven't started any new projects, didn't get much done on current ones and I'm even procrastinating on small projects I need to work on.  (Mostly mending and repairing some clothes)  I'm gonna try my best shake the lazy tonight and try to get some stuff done.  I find if I just dive into one thing the mood strikes and I get everything done and then some.

Anyway, on with the WIPs!

The Tunisian scarf is coming along.  Got a few rows in while watching some Buffy this past week with theonlyboyfriend.
It's almost like a blue Christmas.

I'm maybe a 1/4th of the way through ball #2 of this yarn.  I have 3 hanks of this drool-worthy Malabrigo.  Question is, when I'm done what the heck do I do with it?  *sigh *

The filet/ table runner thing for my desk actually got quite a few rows put on this past week.  I had a chance last week to spend a good part of the day working on it while.  I wish it was more enjoyable, but sitting in the ER with someone for 11 hours can really drain the mind and emotions.  Well anyway here she is:

So spring-y!!

I'm about 3/4 done with the first section of pattern.  I'm going to do some measuring to decide how many repeats I want to do.  If it's only going to be 2, I'm going to mirror the pattern instead of simply repeating it.  I think that will look cool.  And maybe put that cool heart design on each end as well as the sides.  We'll see I guess, but either way it's coming along.

The purple daisies are springing up as well.

Block me PLEASE!!!!

It's getting longer and longer.  I feel like the ball of thread is not getting any smaller either, heh.  I was just going to go until I ran ourt of thread, but I might need to figure out exactly where this is going first since it's already getting long.  Or I can just make it really long and use it on the Christmas tree.  Not the best Christmas colors, but so what?  I'll keep plugging along at it for now.

That's about it for the WIPs.  Positive thoughts, prayers, etc for theonlyniece and her kitty.  Kitty is not doing very well.  I'm not going to go into details, but she's in pretty rough shape and we're not sure what's going to happen over the next few days.  Obviously theonlyniece is distraught, and just a couple days before her birthday.  (She's going to be 13.  A teenager already?!?!  Where does the time go?)

And a HUGE thank you to folks who have already donated to my ride for cancer!  I'm at about $500 so far!!  Click here for more information, or to donate!

I hope everyone is well.  Much love and happiness to everyone.

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