Saturday, May 12, 2012

90 Days Until the Big Ride!

90 days until the big Pelotonia ride!!  I took my first long training ride today.  I took the Lower-Scioto-Greenway trail  and met up with the Olentangy-Greenway-Trail.  I so wish I could have taken photos.  This was one of the most gorgeous rides I have ever been on.  These trails are so beautiful with lovely views!!  I did stop on my trip back, just north of downtown to take these two shots at least.

 It was just too pretty not to!

I didn't get too far today, sadly.  My allergies were making it hard to breathe and I banged up my knee really bad the other day in a little fall.  But my next ride when I'm a little more healed up, I plan to go much further.

Perfect way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning!!

Ahem.  Still plenty of time to donate to my ride too.  :)  Click here to donate!

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