Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wowwie Wow! Wednesday Again?

Ok, sick of my Wednesday alliterations yet?  Tough!  Hah.

Anyway, that time again to check in and see what's on Nikki's hooks.  I'm picking up speed again with projects, getting more than just one little thing going.  I've had some quick ones that I finished in a day or so that I've already posted, so I'm working.  Just in spurts.  And I've been doing so many large projects I'm trying to do some smaller ones now too.  I like that instant satisfaction of a quick project.  :)

Anyhoo, I started a prayer shawl a couple days ago.  I like to have some on hand for when the need arises at my church for one.  I've been plugging away at it, but it's a quick work up.  I'm about 75% done already anyway.

Soooooo soooooft.

It's been a good stash buster too as I've had a couple skeins of Homespun leftover just sitting around.  I love using Homespun for these simple projects.  It's so soft and fluffy and very warm!  Which is exactly what you want in a prayer shawl.  

Haven't worked much on the Tunisian Cowl.  (Yeah I've decided to just keep it a cowl.)  But here it is as of last night.

Pretty colors!

And last but not least I'm starting a couple thread projects.  I want to make a long skinny piece for the top of my new desk, but I'm trying to find just the perfect pattern out of these old, OLD books my mom gave me that were my grandmother's.  I'll have to take some photos and post them of this book tonight.  It was published in 1916, I think.  Beautiful beautiful patterns in it.  

And I'm making a pretty little chain of thread daises.  Here is the pattern with photos of what the flowers look like if you're curious.

As you can see I'm zooming along.  Heh.

2 chains in.  Woohoo!  Someone gave me this pretty purple and white verigated thread and I just love it.  I thought it would be perfect for something with some flowers in it.  I kind of figured I'd make a nice long chain of them and hang them like a bunting.  

Wait.  Flowers.  Bunting.....Aw crap, I think I'm turning into a girl.  BLEH!!  :)

So that's where my projects are.  I hope everyone is well.  Much love!!

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