Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Well, well, well. Wednesday already

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all the admins about there!!

Ok, well the WIPs are few at this moment, but my schedule is wide open again for the next couple of weeks so I'm hoping to get more work done.  Plus I have a pattern and yarn set aside for another project that is waiting for me.  Hopefully this weekend!

The Tunisian Revolution scarf/cowl got a few more rows on it.  In fact I cranked out several last night while watching a movie.

I'm waffling on my decision to make it a cowl.  I have enough of this yarn to make a full scarf so why not?  I'm not on a deadline or anything.

My purple daisy bunting thingy is moving along too.  I'm surprised how quick this pattern goes.  This has been my lunch break project, and I can usually get 2 to 2 and a half flowers done in a lunch break.

Obviously needs some serious blocking.

And the runner for my new desk!  I bought some thread this weekend, smaller than I usually work with.  I was hoping for some size 30, but JoAnn did not have any so I settled for 20.  Naturally I went for green.

A stunning granny smith apple green!

And that's really it for my WIPs.  I still have the Ugly Blanket that I'm thinking of working on a bit more here.  I'm about at the halfway point with it.  But since it's just a scraps blanket there's really no limit on yarn, I just add to it when I have more scraps too small to do anything else with.  But I haven't worked on it in so long I have a pretty large ball of scrap yarn.  I'll take a photo of it for next week.  

I hope everyone is well.  Much love and happy hooking!!


  1. stopping by to say hi from Ravelry! :)

    The tunisian scarf is lovely, I've been playing around a lot with it lately, too :)

    1. Well hello there!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so addicted to Tunisian. I love the way it works and it always looks so nice when it's done! The scarf I'm making was the first Tunisian Pattern I ever tried. I love it!