Thursday, April 19, 2012

Something old...

As promised:

Most of these came from my mom, that were my grandmothers and some came from a lady at church.  There are a couple from the 50's but mostly they're from the 20s, 30s and 40's.  Like these two:

Published in 1935

The dresses and models are all incredibly beautiful!!  And the patterns are surprisingly easy.  But here's the book I like most of all

Very hard to see I know, the title is in the inside too, below:

It's hard to see, but that writing down in the corner says "copyright 1916".  1916!!!!  It's got some really nice looking patterns in it and it's all over just lovely!!  Part of me wants to sleep with it under my pillow, and the other part of me wants to seal it in a glass case forever!!  But then I couldn't do the patterns from it.  

And I picked out my project from one of the other books for my desk.  I wasn't going to do filet because I can design filet on my own, but I found 2 pieces in one of the "Edgings" books that were just so lovely and would work perfectly for the space I want to use it.

Either the flowers on the top, or the hearts directly underneath.  Actually now that I'm typing this, I can do the flowers and do that heart edging that's right in the middle.  Hee hee, the little squirrels are adorable too!

Oh my goodness my heart is zooming right now.  They're all just so lovely.  I had quite a fun night last night leafing through all the books and looking at all the amazing works in there.  I have 2 books that are completely bedspread patterns.  FOR LACE.  Oh my lord the thought of a lace bedspread makes me a little faint.  It would take months.  Years!  Maybe some day when I've fully lost my mind.  :)

So there you have my lovely collection of old, old patterns.  Oh and I finished my prayer shawl last night:

Sooooo soooooft.

It's incredibly warm and snuggly and I think whoever gets it will just love it.  :)  I hope you all are warm and snuggly too.  Much love!!!


  1. Oooo! There IS a little bit of me in you: lace and hearts!! Love 'em!!! Glad the books have someone who appreciates them!