Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exciting Saturday!

It's been a very active and exciting day for me so far.  Granted a lot of the enthusiasm was fueled by a ton of coffee.  Anyway, I went to a couple antique stores in search of a desk for downstairs.  I wanted something smallish to keep the laptop and desk-type stuff in.  I found 2 that I loved equally, and had a pretty hard time choosing.  One was a roll top "youth" desk.  Meaning small.  It was perfect but was scratched all to hell and needed refinishing.  The other was slightly simpler had less storage, but needed less work.  The hinges are loose and need reattached and that's really it.  They were both the EXACT same price, making it even harder to chose.  I went with the latter.  And here she is!

Gorgeous, right?!  I love it and it almost matches the bookshelves perfectly.  And here's the inside with all my crap moved into it.

The laptop fits in there too which was my whole purpose for doing this.  Well that finally have a real craft room!!!!  Yup.  Since I was able to clear our my desk/armoir thing in my room to this, I could move my craft stuff up from the basement into my room!!


I got my yarn bins stashed over in the corner since they're kinda ugly.  And all this is still not perfect, but it will do until I can have a real craft room.  (This room is also my closet sadly since we have no closets here)  Here's another view:

And my (now sewing no longer desk) armoir:

We signed another year lease so this will do for another year, but we're going to spend the year looking at houses and hopefully find a place where I can have a real craft room and we can relax and make the place our own.  And I can finally paint some walls!!  This white is sooooo bland it's killing me.  Luckily the downstairs in our current place is painted nicely.

Anyway, that's my day so far.  It was pretty exhausting moving all that stuff from the basement to the upstairs, but worth it.  I'm glad not to have my craft things down in the wet basement.

Ok, off to play nurse to the VERY sick boyfriend.  He seems to have gotten a flu bug mid-spring.  Fever, shaking, the whole nine yards.  Poor guy.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!  Much love.

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  1. VERY cute desk! I know how you (and I) love organization, so even if it was exhausting, I know how happy it makes you!! Enjoy the craft area, too! A day well spent!

    Hope the flu bug exits your home quickly!