Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday WIPs

Late in the day again.  Sorry folks.  It's been an interesting week to say the least.  On the good news front theonlyboyfriend got a new job!!  A really nice one for a good company making a good bit more money.  Good on all fronts!  Also happy news, he cooked dinner for me for the 2nd night in a week.  And not just Spaghetti or hot dogs.  Like really, really nice meals.  Bison steaks with a honey glaze and sauteed asparagus and salad last week.  And tonight squash casserole with a spinach and mandarin orange salad with raspberry dressing and strawberries in a white wine sauce for dessert.  Yeah.  I think I win.  Lol!!

Also, I FINALLY remembered to do my taxes.  Heh.  I never rush to do them because they take about 5 minutes to do with the most boring results.  I'm single, no kids, no house, no loans, no property....I don't really exist as a person of worth to the government.  But I am getting a little back at least.  That's the good part of filing single and 0 all year long.  But that's a subject for another whole post.

Well enough of my blathering, on to the WIPs!

The Sidewalk Shawl is really coming along nicely.  I've been putting a lot of time into it.  I'm about halfway done with it now!

It will look a LOT better with some blocking once it's done.  Theonlyboyfriend said he keeps seeing this photo on my screen out of the corner of his eye and thinking they're lacy panties.  LOL!

I'm getting exciting about all my projects!  It's getting hard to decide what to work on in the evenings.  After I'm done with his post we're going to settle in with a movie, but I don't know what to work on!!

The secret project is probably 3/4 done now.  And it's looking really nice!

I started a scarf today too.  I was making some Tunisian fingerless gloves but the pattern was way screwed up and I could not follow it.  I need to get better at reading patterns all the way through before I even pick up a hook.  Anyway I'm doing another "Tunisian Revolution Scarf" from Ravelry.  I've made one so far and the pattern is not only easy but really fun to work on.  I'm only 3 rows in, but here's a photo anyway.

Yeah that just looks like a colorful blob.  LOL.  Oh well, next week I'll have more to show and it should look a little nicer. 

That's about it for the WIPs.  Time to settle in for the night and see how much longer I can stay away.  Heh.  Have a wonderful night!!

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