Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Wednesday again!

And boy oh boy has it been an interesting day.

As I've mentioned in the past I work in one of the hi-rise buildings downtown.  We moved about 3 years ago to the building we are in now from a building a block away.  Well today in our old building, right where my office used to be, someone ran in wielding 2 knives, stabbed 4 people, and ran back outside where he was met by police officers who then shot him.  As of now, no one is dead but 3 of the stab victims and the assailant are in critical condition.  I was about 2 blocks away on my lunch break out walking with some co-workers.  We walked by just as they were shutting down the block.  I can see the crime scene (and blood) from my current office window.  So yeah, it's been weird around here this afternoon.  Many prayers and good thoughts to everyone involved.

But on to happier things.  The weather is amazing and I was able to ride my bike to work today!!  And we've got WIPs!!

The secret project is moving along, slowly but surely.  Thankfully my dead line is aways away yet.  But I'm past the halfway mark.

The Sidewalk Shawl is coming along nicely.  The pineapples are starting to appear!!

Love!  And this yarn is super fun and dreamy to work with!!  (Berroco Weekend.  Love it!)

And I started on a pair of fingerless gloves in a really nice Tunisian pattern.  No photos of that yet, as there's only about 4 rows done on the first glove.  Hopefully next week I'll have more to show.

That's about all for now I guess.  I hope everyone is well and having as lovely weather as we've having!!

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  1. Beautiful shawl pattern! Your Grandma B would be SO proud of you!!