Sunday, March 18, 2012

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend

Whew.  I.  Am.  Pooped.  But all in all I had a REALLY good weekend!

Friday night we went to see the current show at MadLab and got to meet the playwright.  He flew in from his home in the Boston area to see the show and meet all of us!  He was really nice and super funny.  It's always cool to meet the writers of some of our shows that are from out of town.

Yesterday I got to sleep in a little and went up to one of my stitch groups.  It was nice to spend some time getting some work done on the Secret Project and laugh and talk with my fellow crafty friends.  After that I ran a few errands before coming home to get ready for the party.

Yup, party.  As I mentioned in my previous post we were going to have a few people over to break in our new fire pit!

Ain't she purty?!  I got her all ready hours ahead of time because I was so excited, LOL

I made some dip and some salsa and got some hot dogs to cook over the fire too!  I really did not anticipate more than a handful if people coming.  Boy was I wrong.  By about 1:30AM we had about 25 people crammed into our tiny backyard and kitchen.  I looked at theonlyboyfriend about then and we both kind of looked at each other with slight panic.  But all was well.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and the weather held up.  Most of the cast of the show at MadLab, and even the playwright, came by too!  No one got too crazy and nothing bad happened.  I think the last person left about 2:30 or so.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we did too.  :)

However, it made today really rough.  I had to get up and get to church very early and was only going on a couple hours of sleep.  But I was so excited to share the blanket with the congregation that I received from the Healing Blanket group.  Sadly the recipient was not there today, but I shared it anyway so folks could see it before I take it to her.

Here it is over the pew at church.  It just makes to so happy to see it!

After church I allowed myself to take a really, really long nap.  It was amazing.  But both theonlyboyfriend and I have been moving slow all day.  Heh.  We did manage to get out and take a nice long walk at the end of the day here.  We got home before some nasty storms blew through.  Now we're both just kinda chillin on the couch.   I'm working on my shawl a bit more, taking a break to post here!  I think we're gonna put a movie in here soon and just relax more before it's time to go to bed and end this weekend.

I hope everyone is well and had good weekends too!!  Much love!

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