Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday goodness

I haven't forgotten about you.  I've been out and about most of the day so I haven't gotten to my Friday post yet.  If it's alright with everyone I'm just gonna tell you about my super awesome day instead of a Friday Five.

So I took the day off work for a very special volunteer opportunity this morning.  Every few months some of the metal health agencies in town have special training for police officers in the country for dealing with persons who may have mental health issues.  It's a week long training and they then become certified.  It's a great service that helps officers understand mental health and deal with it appropriately.  On the final days of the training they have people come in to role play scenarios that they might actually experience on the job.  This is where I came in.  I got to be a role player.  MAN that was fun.  There were 4 of us and we had 6 different scenarios.  I got to be the crazy lady who insists the neighborhood kids are screwing with her and she's going to "deal with them" if the cops don't.  Whether or not the kids really are, or even exist is up for determination. I got to do some other too and it was all over very informative and fun.  All the officers were very sweet and appreciative of having me and the other players there too.  I had to laugh at my reaction to myself afterwards.  I got really into my character and just went with it.  Totally in the moment.  Directly after I sat down and thought, "oh my god.  I just told an armed officer of the law to f**k off."  Wow.

This was only until noon but I figured I'd take the whole day and get some stuff done.  So after this I got to go to that fun-filled land of amusement, the social security office.  That's always fun.  First off I went to the one downtown, where only the finest citizens go.  </sarcasm>.  It's in a federal building so the security is worse than the TSA.  I'm not exaggerating.  They made me give them my belt and my plastic crochet hook.  (I got them back when I left).  They also made me pull up both pant legs to look at my socks.  Bleh. Anyway after that I got the joy of sitting in the tiny waiting area with some....interesting people.  Back story: my taxes keps getting rejected because my birth date was incorrect with the SS office.  No idea how or when that happened, but it did.  So I had to go correct that.  But thankfully it was over quickly.

Then off to Target to get a new lock for my bike.  I found a gift card in my purse so I bought myself a new wallet too since my last one finally fell apart.  It's neon green and I love it so much.  Then I got lunch with theonlyboyfriend.  It's always a rare fun treat to see each other during the day.

A nap happened soon after this then beers at the bar across the way.  Then some marathon cleaning in B's room at home and now we're both hanging in here with the cat.  He's playing video games and the kitty and I are chillin on the couch.

Whew.  That's about it.  I hope everyone else had a great day today!  And a wonderful weekend to you all!!  Much love.

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