Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Five!

It's Friday once again!  It's chilly, but the sun is shining, I got paid, and things are looking up.  So with that, I bring you today's Reactionary Friday Five.

1) How do you react to people begging at intersections?
I typically ignore.  I try to avoid eye contact and not give any implication that I'll give them money.  If I'm in my car this is easy.  Walking it can be more tricky.  A lot of times I'll try being polite and saying "no" and continuing no my way.  But it really depends on the person begging.  If they're being a jerk about it I'll be more curt with them if I need to.  I had some guy give my bf and I long sob story throwing in throughout "I'm not asking for money."  Finally I interrupted him and said "then what the hell do you want if you're not asking for money?!?!"  He said "I've got all these CDs and I'll sell some to you."  I reacted by asking them which cars he stole them from and then calling the police.

2) How do you react to people stranded in cars along the road?
That's trickier.  God knows it could be a genuine situation of distress, or a ploy for abduction or robbery.  Depends on the situation.  If it's in a well light and heavy traffic area I'll at least make sure no one is hurt and offer to call 911 if they need.  Outside of that I just let it go.  Sometimes I'll feel guilty about it, but learn to live with it.

3) How do you react to telemarketers?
Since I got rid of my land line, I don't get those calls anymore.  I do get a lot of cold sales calls at work though, and I just politely say "no thanks" and hang up before they can go any further.  If I get calls on my cell from numbers I don't know I just let it go to voicemail.

4) How do you react to anonymous comments on your blog?
Honestly I don't get that many.  I have a setting to not allow anonymous comments, but I leave it off, so my mom can comment without creating a Google, LJ, or other account.  (Hi, mom!!)  I guess if I got one that was not nice or spam I'd just delete it and go on about my day.

5) How do you react to online quizzes?
Oh man, I cannot just let those go.  I take them all.  It's kind of a sickness.  I'm 58% nerd btw.

Ok, that's about all I guess.  I hope everyone else is having a fantastic Friday.  Happy weekend!!!!


  1. Hi! thanks for #.1! My son lives in neighborhood behind the "strip" grocery stores, sub shop, all of it. The pan-handlers work the parking lots. He sees them carrying suitcases of beer, a pizza and chinese food bags down the street every other night.
    It's nice to meet another person I can agree with. I bet your mom's proud. ;-)

  2. I ignore panhandlers, too. I used to feel bad for everyone down on their luck, but that was before I moved downtown and saw the same people, at the same intersections for years.


    1. One of my co-workers was attacked by a pan handler a couple weeks ago. Most of the ones downtown are harmless, but there are those few out there. The guy just walked up and punch him right in the face!!! Mid day, too! ON BROAD STREET!! Seriously weird.