Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Five time again?! Yeah!!

I'm not the most original person when it comes to coming up with these titles.  Obviously.  I'm also not very clever this week on coming up with a good topic.  So I'm just going with 5 things I'm looking forward to this weekend.  Lame, I know.

1) The "Breaking-in-of-the-new-firepit" Party!  We've having some folks over Saturday night to break in the new firepit I got from my parents.  I'm super excited.  Although now kind of freaking over getting things ready in time.  Heh.  But anyway, I got this new firepit for Christmas and it's been sitting in the box in the kichten since and I've been aching to break it out!!

2) Stitch Group!  One of the few stitch groups I attend has backed off to only meeting twice a month and I didn't get to go last time so I'm really looking forward to going and seeing my girls!!

3) Sleep.  I don't know if I'm fighting a cold or what, but I just can't seem to get enough sleep lately!  But I plan to sleep in tomorrow and get a nice long nap in on Sunday.

4) Finally getting some weekend time with theonlyboyfriend!  He's been so busy lately and this weekend he finally doesn't have any shows or anything so we can get a little "us" time in.

5) This one will take the most explanation so I saved it for last.  I belonged to a group on Ravelry that has recently disbanded, sadly.  It was run by a woman in the UK that has gotten very ill, and I miss her so dearly! Anyway, all us members from all over the US and UK would knit and crochet squares and send them to her. She's take all our  squares and make the most amazing blankets.  Then we could nominate folks in our loves who need a little extra warmth and love and everyone would vote on who got the blanket.  Last fall I nominated a lady from my church who is battling breast cancer and she was chosen to be the recipient.  Well, as I said the group has kind of dissolved so one sweet, wonderful woman took it upon herself to gather up what squares she could and make a blanket herself for my friend at church.  God bless her she did it and mailed it all the way to me here in the States.  I received it yesterday.  Sunday I am going to give it to Julie at church.  These blankets are so full of love and compassion and I can't wait for her to have it.  :)  I'll post photos of the blanket this weekend if I can.  I'd like to get a photo of Julie with the blanket if possible.

So there's my list.  All in all it seems like a good weekend upcoming.

On a side note, I saw this today:

It will be on sale in June.  It's only $3600.  ::chokes::  Anyone want to buy this for me?!  Oh man this is spanky and I want it SOOOOO bad.....  Oh to be rich.

Happy Friday folks!!

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