Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday WIPs!

Oh my goodness where does the time go?  Wednesday already?!  First off, I'm wearing my Tunisian shawl for the first time today and it's getting lots of compliments.  Yay!

I've got a perfectly matching burgundy shirt under the cardigan, too.  :)

Ok projects, let's see where we are.  I've got a few going and a couple more I may start.  I'm going to drown in WIPs pretty soon. 

I had thoughts of chucking the Stained Glass Window scarf, it's been so much work.  But when I pulled it out I realized I was probably 3/4ths done already so I'm trudging along with it.  It's actually looking quite nice.  Naturally I don't have a good photo right now, but I'll get one for next week.

The Secret Gift Blanket.  I have been really plowing through this one.  I'm probably about 1/3 done already.  It's an easy pattern and quick to work up, and it's one that I can work on without constant attention to it.  And it looks AMAZING!!  It's killing me that I can't share much more yet, but I want it to be a surprise for the recipient and she reads this blog.  But as soon as she gets it I'll post photos.  :)

I started another offensive doily.  For obvious reasons I won't post photos of that here.  But once it's all done and I can publish the graph for it I'll at least link to it for you.  If you're dying to know you can email me. 

On the horizon, I have a fantastic wrap that I purchased yarn for last Saturday during my field trip to the YarnMarket.  And Then I have two balls of this (in the color "prism" ) that are going to become an adorable little shrug for myself.  

So lots of projects going on will mean much more exciting Wednesday posts to come.  Sorry I don't have a lot of photos or much for today. 

That's all for today.  Much love to you all.  And special love and hugs for one of my best girls who has a rough day to come.  Love you honey!!

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