Friday, February 17, 2012

Springing into Friday Five

It's Friday once again dear friends!!  We made it through yet another week.  The weather in cowtown is sunny and even a little warm!  It's getting people talking spring already.  (way too early folks!)  Don't get me wrong, I love spring but we have quite a bit of winter left here.  Plus, after spring comes....*shudder* summer.   BLEH!!

Anyway, without further whining from me, here's today's Friday Five, the spring edition.

1) What's your favorite early sign of spring?
GREEN!!  Trees and flowers start budding everywhere and all the dead brown becomes speckled with dots of green.  It just makes my heart so happy!

2) What's one "springy" thing you like to do as soon as the weather allows?
Start riding my bike to work again!!  I love, love, LOVE letting my car sit idle while I enjoy the outside and a little exercise using my bike to get places.

3) How much are you willing to bet that since we've had little snow so far this winter, we'll get a massive blizzard in late March and get 3 feet all at once?
It's hard to say.  Given the mildness of this year's winter, it's starting to feel doubtful.  But this is Ohio, you just never know.  I know I'd like just one really big snow.  Just one!  One of those snows that melts 2 days later.  :)

4) Songbirds:  chirpy, cherry and cute, or STFU I'm trying to sleep?
STFU I'm trying to sleep.  Just like crickets in fall, I love the sound, but it never fails I get one right outside my stupid window that keeps me awake ALL NIGHT LONG.  And then I feel with a rage towards all living things for awhile and that's never a good thing.

5) What's the best cure for Spring Fever?
ROAD TRIP!!!  Hop in the car and head south a bit until it's warmer and sunnier.  That's one of the most wonderful part of not having children, theonlyboyfriend and I do things like this.  We love taking spontaneous trips to other parts of the state, and semi-spontaneous trips further away.  We barely need an excuse and we're out the door and on the road.  We're definitely planning more this spring and summer.  And camping!!

Ok, well now that I've gotten myself all excited about camping and taking road trips, I'm gonna go search for fun destinations.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!  xoxoxo!

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