Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I dunno

I really have nothing to post about, but feel this compelling urge to post today.  So I'm kinda just freestylin' here. It snowed today.  Quite a bit.  But it's all melting and this is making me sad.  I'm aching for just one really big snow.  I just want one before the end of the season that lasts 2 or 3 days and then all melts away.  I kind of have a feeling we're out of luck on that.  I bet it's just gonna be slushy, rainy and all over yucky.  We've had a lot of snow the last couple winters so I should be satisfied.  Meh.

Still loving my haircut.  It's so easy!  And fun.  I've received a lot of compliments on it.  :)

I whipped up a scarf for one of the guys at my church Sunday evening.  Poor thing came in without his Sunday morning and looked half frozen.  Said he lost his scarf and was borrowing his wife's.  So now SHE has no scarf! I ran home and pulled out some gray bulky wool I had and went to work.  I'm taking it to him tonight.

Speaking of church, somehow I ended up on this year's audit committee.  Overwhelming is an understatement.  I am probably the least qualified person for something like this.  I got through the first batch f stuff ok, but now I keep pulling out my next bit of work and the sheer amount of paperwork is making me hyperventilate.  I'll get through it, I know I can and will, but it's not going to be easy.

A co-worker started a kind of support group to meet weekly during lunch at work.  It's for folks trying to change their lifestyle for health purposes.  Either to lose weight, eat better, stop smoking....anything like that.  She asked if I'd come help out!  It's really cool getting all these minds in one room to help each other achieve goals by sharing their own successes and ideas, etc.

My eyelashes are thinning.  Is that normal?  What the?!  I barely have any as it is, and they're going away now.  I have to wear eyeliner at all time just to hide the bald patches.  Bald patches in my eyelashes, how weird is this?!

I guess that's about it for now.  Just felt the need to make a post that's not a Wednesday WIP or Friday Five for once.  Hope everyone is well.  Much love!!!

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