Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day. Midweek. Day of the Wed. Miercoles. Wednesday!!

When some yarn-a comes along, you must WIP it!  WIP it good!

Ahem.  Ok, so I think I'm about done with my Tunisian Triangle shawl.  I think.  I can't decide.  It's getting pretty big.  Like right about where I want it and I haven't blocked it yet.  And blocking needs to happen since the ends are curling.  I won't block it much though so I don't think it will get much bigger.  My plan was to use up all the yarn.  But as you can see in the photo below I still have a decent amount left.  I may put like a slip stitch border on it maybe.  Eh, I dunno.  Here is what I have as of now:

It's just so pretty.  I dunno, what do you all think? Bigger?  I'm only looking for it to be worn around the neck, bandanna style.

On a completely unrelated topic, have you seen the cat breading meme?  Here's a website on cat breading if you're unfamiliar.  Well god knows the second I discovered this i new I had to try it.  Last night, many weeks later.....I did it.

She may have a permanent fear of bread now.  But this was SO FUN!  HAHAHAHAH!  I hadn't laughed that hard in months.  Poor kitty.  

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