Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday WIPS!

After a little break last week I plan to get back into my posting full swing!  So, WIPs it is.

My Tunisian Ripple scarf is coming along wonderfully.  I got a lot done on it over my vacation in CT.  As you can see:

My other WIPS are pretty much the same as last time I posted photos.

I know it's and FO and not a WIP, but Monday night I made all these while theonlyboyfriend and I watched some Buffy and Angel episodes:

In further attempts to be more green at home AND work through my stash I used up a couple small balls of cotton I had to make a Swiffer cover, dish cloth and bath scrubbie.  FYI, I HATE the bath scrubbie.  I'm going to just use it for dishes.  As a body puff it was pretty well useless.  It was like trying to wash with a little wad of stiff, wet cloth.  I doused it in soap and it never made a lather.  I couldn't tell there was any soap on it at all!  If I'm going to have to go through 4 times as much soap and still never get a lather, it defeats the point of having it.  Sticking with the traditional bath puff. Perhaps I can find ones made from recycled plastic to make me feel at least a little better.

So there we are.  And with all this free time now I'm hoping I can get lots more done!!  I definitely plan to make some more charity projects.

Love to everyone, I hope you are all well!!


  1. this site says they used 100% acrylic....maybe the cotton is just absorbing the soap?

  2. It's quite possible. I may have to look for a good blend. I tried 100% acrylic once and it was impossible to soak with water. Water just beaded up and rolled off. Heh.