Monday, January 2, 2012

Ok, One Recap

I lied.  Here's one recap for 2011.  last year I got really serious about my body and exercise.  I've always monitored how many days a week I've worked out but this year I started tracking things more thoroughly.  Although I wish I'd have measured my BMI and body percentage because I'm damn sure that's changed.  Anyway, here it is.

I worked out:
285 days.
13,636 minutes or 227.26 hours.
Which adds up to 9.485 full days.

My goal for this year is to bump that up at least a little.  I had some slacking in there on a couple months.  But for the most part I was working out about 23-25 days a month.  That's plenty since I want at least 1 day a week of rest.  But I want to make sure I'm doing a minimum of 50 minutes per day.  I came close to that last year.

I'm starting out ok so far this year.  Considering it's only been 2 days, it's kind of hard to judge that.  :)

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