Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Exciting Night

It’s been an exhausting 15 hours to say the least.  It started last night around 5:15 or so.  I was at home working out to a DVD as usual after work.  I had the fan running and the TV up and was going to town when I kept hearing this rustling noise.  I look around and the cat is under the side table with my tote bag.  I shoo her off as I didn’t want her messing with the papers I had in there.  She saunters off into the other room when I hear it again.  I look over thinking the cat had gone back to my bag but she wasn’t there.  She was cleaning herself in the dining room.    It was coming from the fan, not my bag.  I thought maybe bug crawled into the fan was flittering around in there with the blades going, so I picked up the fan and shook it, then set it back down.  Still heard the rustling.  It was coming from above the fan.  So I pull back the TV armoire door and look and there are 3 dead leaves on the plant vine I have that hangs down the side of the armoire.  Ok, the wind from the fan was rustling the leaves.  But wait a second why does that middle leave have fur?  And how did it get so BIG?  Wait, that’s not a leaf, that’s……oh god…..

Next thing I knew a bat flew RIGHT AT MY FACE.  I fell over backwards and scrambled back to my feet.  Once I collected my wits, I had to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind.  I go into the dining room and there it is.  Hanging on a wall shelf with my Moses and Jesus action figures, clutching Moses for dear life.  I did the usual “Awww.  Poor guy, you’re probably terrified.  Let me help.”  So I go to get an empty coffee can to get him outside and he flies at my face again.  I did the girl thing and screamed a lot running around while the bat CHASED ME AROUND THE APARTMENT!!  I ran upstairs into the bathroom and shut the door.  I called theonlyboyfriend and got voicemail.  So I started calling every guy I know that lives nearby for help.  After 15 minutes of hiding upstairs I had 3 guys in my apartment with tennis rackets, a broom and a bag all hunting the bat.  We finally found it in the corner SITTING WITH THE DAMN CAT.  The cat, was completely oblivious to anything going on in the apartment at all.  So useful that one.  She’ll chase mice for me, but a bat she cannot be bothered with.  Good thing she’s cute.   Anyway bat was set free outside and all is well again at home.  However at work….

I went to my office building around 7 last night, after the bat fiasco, only to be turned away because the building had been evacuated.  (I work in a 34 floor high-rise downtown)  There was a water main break and the building flooded badly.  I’m not talking a little water, I’m talking several FEET of water in the basements.  They quote literally just got power and water restored around 7AM this morning.  So we’re here and working, but there’s no internet and the phones are down.  So there’s really nothing e can do.  (I’m typing this on word now and saving it to post later when the internet is back up)  We can only hope things are running by lunch maybe. 

But since the building was shut down last night FedEx could not pick up outgoing packages so all my overnights are still here.  And the cleaning crew could not come in so the place was a mess.  I spent my first 2 hours emptying trash and cleaning our 3 floor as best I could.  I’m hot, sweaty and completely exhausted.  So that was my exciting night. 

As for Wednesday WIPS, I’m delaying that until tomorrow.  So stay tuned!!!

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