Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Tunisian Fun!

I found a fantastic, easy, beautiful and FUN Tunisian pattern on Ravelry that I'm giving a go.  It's a triangle shaped shawl.  (Here's the pattern )  It's slightly freeform in that there are 2 different stitches that you switch back and forth on whenever.  (As you can see on the pattern)  So it's no set number of rows on each stitch.  I decided to make it 3 different stitches though, to practice some other stitches.  One of the ones mentioned in the pattern is the honeycomb stitch.  I.  Love.  This.  Stitch.  Here's what I have so far:

Honeycomb is the one in the middle there.  Before I go on to that, can you just revere in awe at this yarn?  SERIOUSLY!!!  It makes my heart feel quivery.  I got it at he wool gathering in Yellow Springs last September.  Hand spun and dyed.  I could seriously just die.

Ok so on to the honeycomb.  I could not believe how easy it was.  I looked up a YouTube video to learn how to do it.  All it is, is alternating the TSS (Tunisian Simple Stitch) and the TPS (Tunisian Purl Stitch)  That's it!  One the rows above, you make sure to TPS on top of a TSS and vice versa.  But just that simple move makes that gorgeous stitch!!

Also, I realized when I started this that I would not be able to fit all those stitches on my 10" hook as the triangle grew.  After some facepalms and loud "D'OH!"s at that I was about to tear it all out and forget it.  But my heart would not let me tear out this pattern.  So.... I went online and ordered some Denise interchangeable Tunisian hooks with cables.  :)  They should be here this week.  YAY!  It comes with 12 hooks of sizes 3.75mm to 15mm.  And 7 different cables!!  So I can switch off to a corded hook when this one gets full.  I figured I'll use these hooks a lot, so it'll be worth the money for sure.

That's all.  I hope all is well with everyone!!  Happy weekend.

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