Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Done!!

The Crocus Bud Shawl is complete!!  In just under 6 months.  No it doesn't typically take that long to make, this was my project I worked on at lunch breaks so I only ever got a few rows done a week, typically.  Anyway, here she is in all her glory!!

like I said all along, it's all in the blocking.  It's an entirely new piece afterwards!  It's very light and lacy and just beautiful.  I can't wait for a good excuse to wear it.  :)


  1. I love it!! It's so beautiful. Do you take custom orders ;)

    1. Depends on the item. For something like this, typically no. Just given that it would take several months or work and I'd have to charge far more than anyone is willing to pay.